Spam release

Is there a usermin button to move a false positive spam back into the inbox?

Sure, open up the message, and at the end of the line of buttons at the bottom (on the right side), you’ll see a button labeled “Report Ham”.


I see a button, “Report Spam”. I do not see a button, “Report Ham”. Is it possible I changed something in the server config or the module config?

I asked around a bit about this, and am waiting on a response as to whether there’s a valid case where that button shouldn’t show up.

If you don’t hear anything by tomorrow, I’d just go ahead and file a bug report using the Support link above.



Try clicking on Preferences, going to the “Spam options” section, and making sure that “Mailboxes” is checked for the “Show ham reporting buttons for” field.

That worked. Is there a setting that I changed in the server settings to switch this off by default? Will I have to go in and change this for every email account that is created? There are currently a few hundred email accounts on the server, and I will be migrating the rest (over 1000 total) this month.

BTW, managing the server now with Ubuntu and Virtualmin is so much easier than dealing with a command line prompt on our old RedHat server. Being notified about updates that install cleanly, intelligent quota messages, a management interface that a non-programmer can use, and the script installers make the paid version worth every penny. Thanks Guys!

Yes, you can make this the default in Virtualmin at Webmin -> Usermin Configuration -> Usermin Module Configuration -> Read Mail -> Default users preferences -> Show ham reporting buttons for. Check the boxes you want, and un-check the box to the left to force all users to use this global setting.