Spam Folder not clearing up

I have the spam assassin set to clean up spams after older that 3 days. That currently is not working for me as i have a user that has 17000 of them.

Is there a place i can manually run this command, or is there a way i can manually purge his spam from the command line. I am not getting a good google on purging email in postfix.

Oh yea GPL and Postfix, from auto install just in case you needed to know.


Spam is dealt with by a cronjob that calls "". Check the root users crontab to see if this job exists. (You can look in Webmins Scheduled Cron Jobs module, or just run "crontab -e" as root.)

If such a job does exist, check to be sure cron is actually running on your system. This will tell you if a crond process exists:

ps aux | grep crond

If it’s not running, you can use the Webmin System Bootup and Shutdown module to start it (and be sure it is set to start on boot).

To run it manually just run:


If that doesn’t work…then we’ll need to go deeper in debugging this problem.

Thank you i will check this. Thanks for the timely response.