Spam filter/antivirus don't work on subservers


As the title says, cannot do it for a subserver…

On the main server I went to “system settings” -> “features and plugins” and enabled spam and virus filtering. Both spamassassin and clavmav services are running.

On the main server I went to “Edit virtual server” and under “enabled features” I enabled these two. These are not displayed in the subserver.

Then, when I go to “Edit users” in the subserver and click on my email user, I can see this:

Check email for spam and viruses? No (disabled for virtual server)

How can I enable this for the subserver? Any help would be appreciated.


If you go into Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features for the Sub-Server, is the “Mail for Domain” feature enabled?


Hi Eric,

Thanks for following up. Yes it’s already enabled.

Actually the configurations are a bit messed up. You see, I imported a Cpanel account, and everything was working fine with Apache. Then I shifted to nginx, but my developer did this through SSH and most sites in the Virtualmin account still have apache directives. Then my developer uninstalled apache and here is where the trouble beings…

When I go to “System settings” -> “Features and plugins” for the subserver I see that both the spam and antivirus are activated. But I see that the number of domains using it is just one (the main domain that used to be the main domain on my cpanel account before the import). So I though that if I save again the settings it might force it into adding the subserver domain to the antivirus and spam list. But the problem is that I can’t save settings because Apache is still activated for many domains although is not installed anymore. I though that I would deactivate apache one by one, but if “mail for domain” is enabled in an alias, I can’t deactivate apache until I remove that option. But that’s something I dont want to do because I suppose it will delete my email.

So I am caught up in a config problem. I hope the above makes sense…


Hi Franco,
Did you find how to enable spam and virus checking for an alias server finally? I cam across this thread searching for a solution to the same problem… Let us know if you find a solution.

Actually never mind, I just did what andreychek suggested and solved the problem. Thanks