Spam emails not processed correctly


I receive, daily, around 50 spam messages, and while my server recognizes these messages as spam, the options supposed to make them be deleted aren’t working.

I’m not blaming the system, there is certainly something I am failing to understand… but what, I have no idea. Could I humbly ask for help ?
More details follow.

My server info:
Debian Wheezy, latest stable Webmin and Virtualmin. The mail software is Postfix unless I’m mistaken. My server was installed by a contractant , I can’t ask him to investigate my issue for free (the small maintenance is up to me, something I’m fine with), but I’ll mention, at least, that this contractant is a professional, serving many clients, and can be trusted to not deliver bad setups, I’ve been in relationships with him for many years already.

I checked webmin’s options and I would have believed everything is cornered to make all mails flagged as spam be deleted.

Webmin > Servers > Postfix Mail Server > Header checks
I have…

Webmin > Servers > Procmail Mail Filter
I have…

and lastly, I changed one more option in
Webmin > SpamAssassin Mail Filter > Procmail Spam Delivery
That module allows to choose what to do with “Action for messages classified as spam”, I chose the option to “Throw away”, and saved.

And yet, I have tons of spam emails that still DO arrive in my inbox.

They are officially recognized as spam by the system. For instance, here is an excerpt from the source code of one of these, you can clearly see all headers to tell it is spam have been correctly added:

What it means to me: virtualmin has been setup to delete all spam mails; spam mails are properly recognized and branded as such; they still arrive in my inbox every day.

Please, would you know what might be wrong here, and how I may hope to fix it ?
I have nothing against RTFMs as long as a kind soul can at least me give me a hint as to what I may have failed to notice, and where I should find info :slight_smile:

Thank you!


If you’re using Virtualmin, you’d actually want to review the individual domain settings, rather than global settings.

To do that, take a look at Server Configuration -> Spam and Virus Delivery.

There, you can specify where spam emails go, and at what point those are deleted.


Thank you Eric!

I always thought that, while in normal usage virtualmin “fine tunes” webmin and adds functionality where webmin does not, if we were to apply changes to webmin, those changes would override anything we would be doing in virtualmin.

How to say… a bit like firewall rules. If you disallow something first, it doesn’t matter if, in the following rules, it is written to allow it.

Duly noted, then.

I have found the Virtualmin menu, and updated it. I’m hoping not to see this annoying spam volume anymore, thank you :slight_smile:

As a form of “thank you”, can I also help with constructive criticism ?

  • I found a minor bug in the display of an element in this Spam and Virus Delivery page
  • I feel the vertical align is, here, relatively troubling, can I suggest to add a line break where it risks to be confusing ?

I took a screenshot:

Thanks again, and good evening!