Spam Clearing

I’m using Virtualmin Pro on Debian I’ve got spam assasin configured with Procmail All spam is delivered to the users spam folder. Now from Usermin I can setup folder clearing but this only affects one account basically I want to clear any mail from any account after 14 days. Since the spam folder is never picked up by Microsoft’s SBS pop connector

Look in the Spam and Virus Delivery page for the domain. There is an option labeled "Automatically delete spam?"

You can set this as the default option in the Server Template(s) that you use and have it applied to all new virtual servers. If you have a lot of domains to modify, you could use the command line tool to set it, something like: --all-domains --spamclear-days 14

It currently defaults to 90 days when spam clearing is enabled.

This command is not work on my system.
" --all-domains --spamclear-days 0"

Is that true?

What do you mean it doesn’t work? Does it return an error? Does it not enable spam auto-deletion?

I don’t think 0 makes sense in this context (and probably results in disabling the feature). If you want it deleted immediately just enable --spam-delete-level feature and set a value for deletion (5, for example).