Spam and Antivir for GPL Version

in the "Learn"->"Compare" Section of this page is written for the GPL Version:

Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering
"Only server-wide configuration is supported."

But if i install the gpl version with the install script, there is no SPAM and Antivir Support.

Where can i configure that? Is there a Step-by-Step howto?

Best Regards

is anybody out there? …to answer my question. Thank’s!

Hey Steve,

It is separate from Virtualmin, and found in the relevant Webmin modules–and not entirely intuitive in the case of AV.

You’ll first want to make sure you’re using Procmail to deliver mail–you can set that in the Postfix module in Webmin. That’s in the Local Delivery page, the field labeled “External command to use instead of mailbox delivery”

For spam, install the SpamAssassin package for your platform, if it isn’t already.

Then browse to the Webmin SpamAssassin module, and use the Procmail Spam Delivery page to determine what to do with spam.

Finally, for AV, you’ll need to install clamav packages. If you use one of the platforms we support, you can grab them from our repository…if not, you’ll need to locate packages for your OS somewhere.

Finally, you’ll need to add another rule to the procmailrc to run mail through clamscan or clamdscan. Something like the rules I gave in this thread should do it:

So, technically, I should probably point out that only spam filtering is really configurable in a sane way in Virtualmin GPL. It can all be done within Webmin (except maybe configuring clamdscan–though I’ve built an initscript package for it, that should work fine, if you’re on one of our supported CentOS/RHEL versions), but clam is a bitch to deal with, regardless. procmail can be intimidating, as well.

Hi Joe
thank’s for the answer. I tried your procmailrc and it doesn’t work. With this now, it works:

/etc/procmailrc looks like:



| /usr/bin/spamassassin


  • ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

|clamdscan --no-summary --stdout -


  • CLAMAV_CODE ?? 1
    With this, it will move all SPAM in the users maildir folder spam. Virus Mails are sent to /dev/null.
    You need to "touch /var/log/procmail.log" to get the logger of procmail working.

The rest i installed like you wrote. FYI, i use debian etch.

Thank’s again and best regards

Hey Steve,

Thanks for the update, and a nice example procmailrc.