spam adds on auto-whitelist

I just wonder, my auto-whitelist has a few 1000 entries with obvious SPAM addresses and adds 20 per hour more. Can the auto-whitelist be completely switched off, or set to be completely manual?

Yeah, you can disable the auto-whitelist by logging in over SSH, editing /etc/spamassassin/, and add a line like this:

use_auto_whitelist 0

Then restart SpamAssassin:

/etc/init.d/spamassass restart

I disabled the whitelist and so far it’s blank.

Two issues I have here:

When I do a [Allow Sender] in an email it does not appear in the whitelist. When I click [Allow Sender] a 2nd time I get:

Added the email address *@ to SpamAssassin’s allowed addresses list.

Or 2nd time:
The email address *@ is already on SpamAssassin’s allowed addresses list.

The whitelist in webmin stays blank.

2nd issue:
emails with own users email address do not get scanned for SPAM.

Can that be changed?