Space Limits

I have just had an issue where a client has stopped recieveing all emails and the logs indicate the emails are being recieved fine and no bounce back is being sent.

Each mailbox on the account is limited to 1GB and they have 7 mail accounts, the hosting account these mail boxes are located under has a total of 5GB allowance. I understand what has happened the capacity of all the mail accounts has hit 5GB which has caused this issue.

I have email alarts enabled so when someone hits 80% of there capacity they recieve a warning but it appears no emails have been sent for the main account, it appears it only sends emails for actual mail accounts and not the domain account as well… Is there anything I can do to stop this recurring in the future?



In Limits and Validation -> Disk Quota Monitoring, make sure that the “Also notify admins who are over quota?” option is set.


I am using GPL I cannot see this option. Is there away i can enable it via a config file? Thanks.

Ah, I think that particular option is only available in Virtualmin Pro.

What option is it that you’re using to send out warnings when the space reaches 80%?