Sometimes site move status hangs, but site is moved anyway

Sometimes when moving sites to a new server, the status message seems to hang, and I wait, and wait, but then later see the account on the server OK. So it seems the process occured OK, but the status message stopped updating. I have seen it stop at various points, the latest it just says:

Preparing for backup of on
… done

But the site is on the server OK.

I am concerned what if it did not transfer properly or something.

Are there logs of this somewhere so I can make sure it all went OK?



In theory it should continue, though I wouldn’t want to see it hang either… is there anything in common that ties those issues together? For example, does that tend to occur after a certain amount of time?

Could the browser perhaps be timing out?

Is that something you can reproduce – does performing that backup, or those updates, always hang for you?

If so, perhaps you could try a different browser, and see if that changes anything.

You also could take a look at the logs in /var/webmin/miniserv.error and perhaps /var/webmin/miniserv.log to see if anything helpful shows up in there.


Following up on this, its not just moving sites, but sometimes I get it for other things.

Like right now, I used Cloudmin to update a server (it was the cloudmin server itself) and it said:

Updating 17 packages on

Then just a white screen, usually the output of yum update is here. So I’m waiting for a while, nothing.

If I open the home page up in a new tab, so leave the other one open in case its still doing something, it says there are 6 updates to install.

I guess it installed them all anyway even though its a white screen.

But its very worrying to have this hang… how long should we leave windows open? Will closing windows stop the process (potentially break something), or will the process still carry on in the background?

I think it may be just Cloudmin for the updates… looks like Cloudmin doesnt show the messages like when you do it within the server itself, then it shows the final statis message when finished, I just tried again and waited for a while.

But the site move, also in Cloudmin, didn’t update with the dots as it usually does. Next time I move a site I will see if it happens again, and check logs.