Something regarding creation of new web sites from customers

OS type and version centos 7 min
Virtualmin version 7.3

is there a way for a customer using virtualmin to create the one the extra web sites that he need by creating a new virtualmin host and not the system administrator

such an option in virtualmin is not available for the moment but cpanel and plesk have such an option

thank you

nikos sarantopoulos

Are you asking if a user can create a virtual server?

yes, that one not the sub-server that one it can be done


You mean a reseller?
That’s available in Pro.

no not reseller, every customer that probably need one more site for his own needs should be able by him self a new web site


sorry, to create it by him self

Of course.

A sub-server is a virtual server owned by an existing virtual server (domain) account, assuming you’ve allowed your domain owners to create sub-servers. A sub-server can have all the same features as a top-level virtual server, including mail, databases, apps, etc. The only difference is in ownership (it’s owned by the top-level server) and location (it lives in the domains subdir of the owning domain account).

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