Some virtual servers' DNS registrations have expired:

I am running a server with Ubuntu Linux 20.04.2 with Virtualmin 6.16 Pro

Some weeks ago I got a message that the Let’s Encrypt certificate of one of my domains couldn’t be renewed.
This week I also got this message for that same domain: "Some virtual servers’ DNS registrations have expired: "

Everything seems to be running fine for all the other domains except for this one.

The problem still maintains when I erase the virtual server and create a new one from the scratch
It seems there is a DNS but I don’t find anything abnormal.

Where should I start to look and what do you need to help me?

Thanks in advance

If you renew the expired domain with the registrar then it might start working normally again and the messages about DNS registration might go away and the certificate from Let’s Encrypt might come through too.


Hi calport,

thanks for your help. You gave me the right hint. Every thing is paid but somehow the ICANN whois shows exactly that what what virtualmin says. Wrote the registrar. Hope this problem will be solved soon.

Greetings from Germany and stay healthy.

I’m glad I was able to hazard a guess that was accurate. Kudos to Virtualmin and the Virtualmin developers for offering such alerts within Virtualmin that help us take corrective measures in a timely manner.

I reciprocate your greetings and wish you the best of health too. Stay home, stay safe.

As an information. I got the message in webmin because my provider noticed that my actual phone number was not identical with the phone number I had in my domain registration ID. So the ICANN was waiting for the correct information. My ISP send me on the webmaster email account a message to control the Information, but somehow the email disappeared in the spam folder.
!! So keep your registration ID information up to date.

Greetings from germany

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