Some help regarding the installer and phpMyAdmin?

Okay, so I went ahead and installed virtualmin gpl on my server today using your great automated installer. Everything went fine, but the installer stopped after a message saying “INFO - Rules updated” or something similar. I’m not an expert at linux so I’m not sure if that was where the installer was supposed to stop, so now I’m a bit concerned that it might not have installed all the necessary packages.

A bit later on I tried to access the phpMyAdmin page of my site, but it doesn’t seem to exist. I tried accessing it via, and it comes up with a 404 error. Now I’m not sure whether the installer also installs phpMyAdmin, and I wasn’t able to find any information on the subject, so now I’m worried that the installer might have stopped before it was able to install phpMyAdmin. I could also be completely wrong, and if so, does phpMyAdmin need to be installed manually after the installation? And is there a module available for the system?

Thanks in advance!


Virtualmin doesn’t install phpMyAdmin automatically.

For that to be installed, you can go into the “Install scripts” area, and have it install phpMyAdmin into your desired domain.


Thank you for your fast response,

I have followed your advice and installed phpMyAdmin manually. Everything is working great and working as expected. The site is now working fully and faster than ever!

Thanks again for the response and for the great software that you offer!