(Solved) Where is "Disk Quota Monitoring"? Need to edit quota email messages

Sorry, I’m going nuts, but I can’t seem to find “Disk Quota Monitoring” in the Virtualmin GUI.

Does anyone know where it is?

I want to edit the content of the email_msg (quota warning email message) setting in /etc/webmin/quota/config. I understand I can just edit the file, but would like to do it via the Webmin/Virtualmin GUI.

Where is that setting hiding? :sweat_smile:

Webmin version: 1.941
Virtualmin version: 6.08

Virtualmin | System Settings | Virtualmin Configuration and then [Status collection]

Webmin | System | Disk Quota then hit the Module Config button on the top left of the screen and edit the text box under [Quota email messages]

Thank you! I did not even notice the “Module Config” button. Problem solved.

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