[solved] What's the best place to create FTP ...

What’s the best place to create and maintain FTP only users?

I want to allow multiple users to ftp to domain.tld however their own directories should not be http accessible. In short, it’s just a FTP storage server. Users should be able to login by FTP and Usermin only.

Do I need to create them on top of the edit page of a virtual hosting? I know there i can create users like username@domain.tld . But does it mean that if the hosting is removed, all users would be removed too?

Or, should I create users in the Users and Group section in Webmin?

one more minor question. Where can I disable directory listing (Options -indexes) for a hosting? I can find the place to select index.php, index.htm, … index files but i can’t find the place to turn off file listing.

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"Edit Mail and FTP Users" It is what it sounds like. (They can be mail and/or FTP.) :wink:

If they aren’t associated with any particular domain, then sure, you can use Users and Groups, as well. Just depends on how you want to manage them. Obviously, Virtualmin won’t be able to do anything with the if you make them in Users and Groups.

I got it. Thanks!

How about disabling directory listing for a virtual host? I want a "Forbidden" page to be shown.

Thanks very much for your time!


You could just remove "Indexes" from your "Apache Directives and settings for new websites" in your server template. That should do the trick for new virtual hosts. And for the already created hosts you can change this option in "Virtualmin - Services - Configure Website - Document Options - Generate directory indexes", you can do it "server wide" or Per-Directory, or manually edit the httpd.conf file.

Don’t forget to restart Apache with “Apply Changes”.


Thanks very much!