[Solved] Restored sites cannot reach localhost SQL server


I’m in the process of moving some sites to a new server. On the “old” Virtualmin server, I created a full backup of each site. I installed the “new” server from scratch using the install.sh script. After install, I restored my Virtualmin and website backups.

Everything seems to be working aside from the restored sites being able to connect to the SQL server on the new localhost. Every domain I have attempted says it can’t connect. The MySQL is running on the new server, but just the sites can’t connect.

The only thing different between old and new, is the new server is behind NAT, but with everything looking for ‘localhost’ that shouldn’t matter…

Fixed issue by running

ALTER USER 'username'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED WITH mysql_native_password BY 'user_password_here';

I see you have resolved.
in this type of situation I use the Edit databases, Remote Hosts to check localhost and remote host IP addresses.

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