(SOLVED) Remove Postgresql

I like remove postgresql and associated packages. But if use apt-get, also I must remove virtualmin-base.

I see two databases on postgresql but empty (not tables)

Why need virtualmin Postgresql?

How can eliminated postgresql?<br><br>Post edited by: MarcoAntonioMateosSanchez, at: 2008/01/04 23:55

don’t delete postgresql… it’s needed by some of the reporting and logging cronjobs that Virtualmin runs.

QUESTION: Does Virtualmin still require PostgreSQL?

I don’t know about Debian/Ubuntu, but on CentOS Virtualmin and Webmin do not make any use of either PostgreSQL or MySQL. I don’t know about Virtualmin Pro however.

Virtualmin Pro doesn’t use a database either. You can safely remove any Postgresql related packages on Debian/Ubuntu. Can’t speak for CentOS though.

On CentOS, this removes the server components, and the php and perl modules for postgresql.

yum remove postgresql postgresql-libs postgresql-server perl-DBD-Pg php-pgsql

Make sure the postgresql feature is completely disabled before you remove any packages.