[SOLVED]: ProFTPD will not reinstall - Requires Webmin 1.870

Getting this error whenever I try to reinstall ProFTPD.

Failed to install standard module : Module proftpd requires Webmin version 1.870 or above

I have checked and I am running Webmin 1.860 but there is no update (in the updates section) to update to 1.87 so how am I supposed to reinstall this? I had removed it as I wasn’t using it but now I am I need to reinstall.

NOTE: It appears there is a 1.870 version but only on the Pro side. Can someone give me an update of when this is likely to be release on GPL?

As always, help greatly appreciated!

Chris: Adelphia Interactive

Desktop: Windows 10 Pro x64
Server: Ubuntu
Webmin/Virtualmin: Latest (daily updates)

OK, I managed to resolve the issue, not the way I wanted mind (and for some won’t be possible) but I have a test server which still had the correct version of ProFTPD installed so I made a backup of that module and then installed from that. Still unsure why a common module is not available to the current version of the GPL webmin.