(solved) Error 403 for newly created virtual servers

I am using Virtualmin installed on DigitalOcean.
1- In Digital Ocean I created a droplet (server) upon which
2- Iinstalled Vistrualmin/Webmin, and then
3- I registered myxyzdomain.com in DigitalOcean, then
4- Using Virtualmin I create a virtual server, but
5- when I go to my browser, it displays error " Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource." which is Error 403
6- What must I do to correct this?

I’m a newbie on this

How did you install Virtualmin?

Check the Apache error log for your domain.

hi, thank you for offering your assistance.
Just now I discovered that when a new virtual server is created, there is no automatic index.html page created – thus, generating the 403 Error.
As soon as I created an index.html page, the error was no more.

Do you know how can I get Virtualmin create a default index.html page?


here is the answer to my second issue (auto creation of index.html)
find it here

Using Webmin/Other/File, I navigated to /etc/skel
then create the directory and index file /public_html/index.html

index.html simply says

site under construction

please come back next week

Then whenever i create a new Virtual Server, this default index page gets automatically created for all new servers created.

I tested it, and it work.
Hopefully other can benefit from this
someone can show me a better way to solve this issue

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