[Solved] Can't enable AWstats with Nginx


I’ve migrated from apache to nginx and managed to make everything work, except for AWstats.

If I enable AWstats from the “Edit virtual server” menu it shows the error: “Failed to create virtual server : AWstats reporting cannot be enabled for a server without a website” . Same issue if I create a new virtual server with AWstats and Nginx enabled.

I could make AWstats work separately from Virtualmin and access it from http://your_domain.com/cgi-bin/awstats.pl?config=your_domain.com, but I’d really like to have it functional through Virtualmin.

Using webmin 1.782 on a centos 6.7 VPS.



Has anyone had this issue?

Should I file a bug report for this?


The issue is still present.

The workaround, in case anyone else needs this:

-install the awstats webmin module (no sure if this had any effect but, regardless, that’s the first thing I did)

-edit the virtualmin config from /etc/webmin/virtual-server / domains / > set awstats = 1

-manually create an awstats configuration at /etc/awstats/awstats.yourwebsitename.conf, just copy the model and add your log paths

-set a cron job for awstats /usr/share/awstats/wwwroot/cgi-bin/awstats.pl -config=yourwebstitename -update

-validate virtual server (strangely it says there is no cron for awstats), perhaps some more manual config files editing is required

-now awstats isn’t listed in website logs and reports, to fix this I discovered that if I went to server configuration > website options > (make no changes) > save awstats will show in website logs and reports (!)