SOLVED: Bounce All Alias Created Using migrate domain script from plesk10

Hi All,

Have been slowly moving our clients off a Plesk 10 server that the VPS provider kindly broke for us…

Using the Virtualmin Migrate Domain script that auto creates a domain and restores all mail etc which is, I must say FANTASTIC, with one exception - all mail bounces by default.

I looked at the mail aliases for that virtual server, and thought - easy fix - removed the bounce all alias and should be happy days, but not quite, as it still bounces, with error non existent mail account/user unkown in virtual alias table.

The quickest fix I could come up with so that we are functional, is to simply delete the mail user and recreate it, but this also removes the emails, so not ideal for our clients who use IMAP/roundcube solely for their emails, as we have to manually move the emails later manually.

Now I do understand that the script was designed for Plesk 9, and this is the only problem that I have found when using it for plesk 10.

Does anyone know what I can do to add a user to the virtual alias table so that it will receive mail without having to delete and recreate?

Thanks in advance for any advice!



Is there any chance you could post a screenshot of an example account that has this problem?

That is, if you go into Edit Mail and FTP Users and click the name of a mail user you’re having problems with, that screen should help diagnose what’s going on.


OK, so have to confess to missing something REALLY obvious here!

It actually has the primary email address set to DISABLED after the import, so a pretty quick fix…

My bad, and hopefully this will help anyone else who comes across this issue.