[Solved] BIND 9 CentOS 7 - external IN A records not working

Hello there,
I am having some issues with IN A records to externale IP.
Internal IN A are ok
it doesn’t seem to work after updating server and changing main IP address.

The records is as simple as:

secondary.website.com.  IN A remoteServerIP

I cannot ping secondary.website.com from my local machine and certainly cannot access secondary.website.com from the browser.
When running host command via SSH on the main server it appears that the A record is working.

host secondary.website.com secondary.website.com has address remoteServerIP

Lastly, if I access remoteServerIP (ip address) that works so the remote server is active and working.

Thank you


/etc/named.root.key (Bind 9.9.4 Centos 7.1.1503)



To Rename the file you can use Webmin File Manager -> Webmin/others/File Manager