[SOLVE] Hostname and SSL certificate

Mail emitted by customs PHP script was from mysitename@sd-22xxx.localdomain, i change into webmin/network/network-configuration/DNS-client the Hostname from sd-22xxx to mysitename.com and now everything work nice with mails emitted from mysitename@mysitename.com.

So now, i have a problem with SSL certificate, i have a error because deliverer must be sd-22xxx and not mysitename.com!! Only for Website SSL, panel SSL work nice…

How to resolve this?


The SSL cert is only used when another system connects TO your server, not when mail is going out. So I can’t fully follow your problem… When exactly do you get a cert error?

Sorry, i’m not clear!

The hostname of my server was sd-22xxx, everything work nice execpt mail sending. customs PHP script was emitted from mysitename@sd-22xxx.localdomain

If i change the hostname of server in webmin/network/network-configuration/DNS-client from sd-22xxx to mysitename.com, Postfix send mail from mysitename@mysitename.com and solve my problem of mail.

But with this new hostname, i obtain a SSL error when i visit my website, it’ saying hostname not correcponding, certificate search sd-22xxx.
Curiously, when i visit my panel, no SSL error, yet i (copy) have the same certificate in Virtualmin and Webmin!


So, thank you, i solve my problem by restore hostname at the initial sd-22xxx and configure correctly POSTFIX into general configuration and alias.

Ah okay, so you get the SSL error when you visit your website. That’s to be expected when you change the hostname without updating the certificate. Certs are generated for specific hostnames, since their purpose is to verify that the site you’re seeing is actually the one you requested. So you need to renew your cert after changing the hostname.