Solaris 10 support?

What’s the state of Solaris 10 support in Virtualmin?

Are there any plans to utilize the containers/zones features of Solaris 10 in any way?

If not, would there be a way to sponser such development… :slight_smile:

Hi Phil,

Solaris is not yet supported, and it isn’t planned in any of the Early Adopter releases (so it isn’t planned for the next couple of months). But it is pretty likely at some point in the not too distant future. Figure on three to four months.

As you may know, zone support has been added to Webmin (Sun sponsored this work, I seem to recall), so getting something into Virtualmin is also pretty likely. But in this case it is probably a good ways out. The core hosting platform is our current focus.

That said, sponsoring development does give you the ability to help dictate our focus. Contact me off-list with your requirements and I’ll let you know how it can fit into the schedule. It still won’t be immediate, but both Solaris and zones support can certainly be accelerated.

Given it’s been three or four months, I’m curious if there’s been any progress on Solaris 10 support…

Is there anything I can do to help with support for Solaris 10, particularly within a zone?