might break a little bit over the next couple days

Howdy all,

As part of the Virtualmin 7 release (not yet, but soon) I’m refactoring how our software repo metadata gets generated to make it more easily replicated across mirrors and to make pushing updates easier for me. That means might be a little bit broken over the next couple of days, that you might get bogus metadata or checksum mismatches; mostly CentOS today, mostly Ubuntu/Debian tomorrow. You probably won’t notice, and even if you do notice you probably won’t need to do anything about it, but worst case you might have to use yum clean all or apt-get clean to remove bogus repo metadata tomorrow or the next day, if yum/dnf or apt end up in a grouchy state about the changes.

Note, I’m not trying to break things, and if it does break, it’s an accident. But, I am human, and there are a lot of changes happening and we have an absolutely ridiculous number of repositories at the moment (pre-vm6, vm6, and now vm7, for all supported distros and versions). If it breaks, I’ll probably notice and fix it. If it is still broken by Monday evening and you have tried cleaning repo metadata, let me know what OS and version you have and which repositories you have configured (pre-vm6 or those with /vm/6/ in the paths) in a new topic.

Also, just a heads up that on the day Virtualmin 7 is released, the old pre-VM6 repos (the ones with no version in their path) will reach EOL and will no longer be updated. They’ll be deleted from our mirrors soon after. If you’re still using those repos you’ll need to update to using a new one, one way or another. I’ll document switching to VM7 repos once it’s released. This doesn’t apply to anyone who has installed in the past 4+ years using the recommended installation process. (And, if you have a system that was installed 4+ years ago, you probably need to be looking at new OS and fresh Virtualmin install, anyway.)

And, another heads up that if you’re using an EOL distro, you will no longer find updates in our repos for those distros after this weekend (the virtualmin-universal repos will continue to work, regardless, as they are shared across all distros of the same package type). You should not be running an unsupported distribution on a production server. This includes CentOS 6, Debian 9, and Ubuntu 16.04.

In short: Don’t panic if you see something weird going on with software updates from Virtualmin repos. If you do, I know about it and I’ll fix it soon. You aren’t gonna miss anything. Barring an emergency security update in the interim, the next Virtualmin updates will be Virtualmin 7 and I’ll test all the repos before that announcement.



All the best, @Joe and the Virtualmin team, with the rollout of Virtualmin 7. Thanks for everything and I am looking forward to using the new version. Cheers!

Thank you guys for the new VM7 to come! I’m so looking forward to see how it runs on Debian 11.

Hurry up, hurry up!

Uh … sorry, no no no, take the time it takes to do it right :sweat_smile:

Coming Soon™


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