certificate expired

OS type and version: CentOS 7
Webmin version: N/A
Virtualmin version: GPL
Related products version: N/A

Cannot install Virtualmin because SSL cert is expired.
Downloaded de using the --no-check-certificate command with wget but getting the same error after running the install script.

It works for me.

Please double check the system, server’s date/time set correctly and run yum update -y prior installing Virtualmin.

You should not be doing fresh installs on old operating systems.

CentOS 8 is the correct version of CentOS to use for new installs. I know it’s in a weird state because of the Stream thing, but you can switch to Alma or Rocky easily later. Virtualmin will support both of those soon.

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Fixed. Not sure why i didn’t work before but got it running when i tried the next day.

@Joe, i did install on CentOS 8 earlier but our system manager warned me to never use 8 and just keep using 7. My knowledge regarding the reasons behind it is close to zero, but i trust him 100%. He is running over 1000 servers in a large webhosting company and really knows what he is talking about.
I think it has something to do with CentOS becoming the “testing” and “learning” OS for future stable releases of Redhat. But not really sure what he meant with that.

If he still recommends running CentOS 7 on freshly deployed servers, he really doesn’t.
CentOS 8 will not magically become Stream, a manual intervention is required to make that change.

What everyone is telling you is to install CentOS 8 which then can easily be upgraded/migrated to Alma or Rocky at any time, or wait a few days/weeks until the Virtualmin team gets v7 out the door and both distros will also be supported by the installer.

It didn’t work before because your system was not up to date. You needed the CA certificates on your system to be up to date. Ilia’s comment included the necessary step to fix it.

And, I’ll repeat, you should not be installing CentOS 7 on new systems today. CentOS 8 is the right choice. Convert it to Alma or Rocky after Virtualmin is installed, or wait a couple days until Virtualmin 7 is out and supports those other distros directly.

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For fresh install, and no special reason to have old CentOS 7 this is hmm not ok , but ok if he means not using CentOS 8 (stream) , i think you both had a misunderstanding there.
While the Alma , Rocky or RHrel update/upgrade after installing the CentOS 8 is the way to go if you want CENTOS …

Stream hmm who knows the 9 …

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