Software Packages "Package is no longer installed"


I’ve chaged my vps, now running with Debian 8 but when I go:
Webmin --> System --> Software Packages --> Package Tree

On many package when I click on them I’ve “Package is no longer installed”

I’ve the problem on my 2 vps under Debian Jessie and I’ve test on a local and it’s the same.

I’ve make a dpkg --get-selections and all packages are listed ok.

How can I correct this ?

Thanks - Eric


Did you migrate to a new server? Or did you do an in-place upgrade from Debian 7 to Debian 8?



No, I migrate to a new server and on the 2 vps make fresh install…
I’ve tested also many times on my local pc runing with Debian 8.

I’ve try on local pc to do a dpkg --get-selections * | awk ‘{print $1}’ | xargs -l1 aptitude reinstall
as found here:
but result is the same.

Also I can saw all packages installed when I go to:
Software Package Updates --> States to display: --> Installed

I still have my 2 old vps till the end of the month and they running with Debian 7 and I don’t have this problem.

Thanks - Eric