so many difficulties for me all at once

hello again i have friend looking around on my webmin / virtual min install testing things and relaying his info back to me about which he has found not to work and the sort, well, im not sure if it is a webmin / virtualmin problem or if it is a server software problem but im sure someone could give me a hand to help me fix what may or maynot be my fault, the problem i am haveing is that i cant login to any of my email accounts via a mail browser like Evolution Mail or Microsoft Outlook, i have Postfix for SMTP and i have Dovecot for POP3, POP3s, IMAP, and IMAPs i have tried loging in via all of those and none of them seem to log me in.

Probably because you are hosting your server at home and your router does not allow loopback. To resolve this, either change your router to one that allows loopback or host your server at a data centre.

The short-term solution is to check email via usermin: htttp://

1 zero missing in port no. above. Should be:


first thing is that I am trying to connect directly to the server via its private IP address while my friend is trying to connect via the domain and neither of them are working and second point is that usermin is a cheap and easy solve but it doesnt actually fix the problem at hand

We’d need to see the maillog (/var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log) during a failed attempt to login. I’d be guessing without that.

We also don’t know what error you’re getting from the mail client–if it’s a connection failed error, then the server may not be running or a firewall could be blocking access. If it’s an authentication error, we’ll need to see the log to figure out what is mis-configured.