So how many max domains will virtualmin support without paying?

I just finally got virtualmin installed on one of my mini web servers… And it worked perfect! I mapped 2 domains in my host file to it and set them up with different index pages and it worked! But then I found a licensing page saying that if you pay you can use unlimited domains… so if I cant use unlimited domains without a license I am back to screwed :frowning:

Slow down there, it sounds like your mixing up the various Virtualmin versions :slight_smile:

There’s the Pro version, and the GPL version.

Licenses for the Pro version are indeed sold by number of domains in use. The Pro version of Virtualmin comes with a number of nifty features, which you can see compared to other offerings here:

However, the GPL version, which it sounds like you have now, is free and available for however many domains you’d like to use. You just don’t have the same nifty features that the Pro users do. But, you can always upgrade down the road if you like :slight_smile:


OK, thanks for straitening that out!!

Se now thats how you do it, CPanel and Plesk have it wrong … they both need a GPL version…


you guys have done a great job… Im not sure my customers will like Virtualmin but I dont carebecause im not a hosting company im doing it for favours haha…

Thanks again :smiley: