So how do I let the Virtualmin know we updated Joomla

We have updated a Joomla site… from 1.5x to 3.4.6. Now I need to let Virtualmin know…
I thought I could go to /etc/webmin/virtual-server/scriptlog/0001customer/ edit the file that had the Joomla number. the problem is the that must not be correct because it gets over written…

So how do I let the system know we updated the program…



Hmm, that actually should work.

Try stopping the Webmin service, update that file, and then re-launch Webmin.

After doing that, does that work properly for you?


That didn’t work… And I just rechecked it… Still didn’t work… LOL …

It seems to revert then the page is making the “Script Summary” … .
I was thinking it is reading it from the programs some how, but that was all ripped out and a new version put in… So that doesn’t make sense. Just can’t seem to figure this one out…

So where or how is it doing this ??

Do you know of a better way to find out how it is doing that than then me reverse engineering the script?
99% sure it is change when the Script Summary page is built…