SMTP configuration

How to see the SMTP configuration of the email i created with my domain?
Such as :
SMTP host name
SMTP port

Plz explain me in easy way​:zap::zap:

If your Virtualmin hostname is and the domain is, your outgoing server / hostname for any domain you host on Virtualmin will be:

The port can be 465 or 587 or even 25.

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my host name for webmin/virtualmin is ‘’. I already created email and username for that email too.Is there any tab that I can go and find SMTP host name and port number. Please explain me in noob way since i am noob ><

for example in Cpanel I can find SMTP email configuration such as hostname, port number, I don’t know where to find in webmin/virtualmin panel ><

For any domain you host on, the outgoing server / hostname will be:

The port can be 465 or 587 or even 25.

Can you test if these settings work and let us know the details of errors you receive, if any?

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Thank you so much sir , now I have successfully set up my mail with port 587.

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thank you for your time :smiley:

The Queen keeps forgetting to mention me in her birthday and Christmas lists, so the honorific is premature.

You are most welcome.


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