smtp and sending mail locally

I have a little dilemma. I am using my ISP’s SMTP server to send emails out, and i need to verify all the email addresses with them before hand and can only use smtp with those accounts, but if send email from unverified account to another address on the same domain and server, it does not get through, unless i verify it with ISP. I dont think this should happen as its not even going outside of LAN.

So in a nutshell what i wanna do is, I want to be able to send email within the domain without having to send it to the internet and then coming back to my server again.

any help will be appreciated.

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any ideas? anyone??

There’s no reason Postfix would send out, if it is configured to accept mail for the domain(s) in question. I simply don’t understand what’s going on, so I don’t really have any advice–what you’re saying doesn’t make sense in the context of how Postfix works. :wink:

Could you show us the maillog entries when you send from a user on the server to a user on the server using the server as your SMTP server? If the mail is going outside for some reason, those log entries would tell us so, and maybe hint at why.

Thank you for reply Joe :slight_smile:

after finding nothing in the logs, and playing with smtp settings for a a while… it seems that the problem is caused by roundcube mail.

Even though my port 25 is not blocked, I still need to use smtp relay (my ISP’s SMTP server) because I was unable to send emails out to the world. so I setup roundcube to use my ISP’s SMTP server to send emails out (like i mentioned earlier that I have to tell my ISP about all the accounts that will be using their SMTP server, so if the account they dont know about is sending an email from their server, it wont go through)

its nice that there is a smpt replay option in virtualmin however i think its missing the feature such as those in email clients where you enter your login and password to identify yourself with the (3rd party, in this case my ISP) smtp server

I hope i’m making a little more sense :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I don’t see a way to add a username/password for the relayhost from within Virtualmin, but it’s not hard to do manually.

There’s instructions on setting it up here:

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