Smarty Template Engine...

Hi Joe and Jamie,

Any recommendations on how to install the Smarty template engine, so that newly created sites can take advantage of this php template engine? I would assume under skel directory and having the vhost file to take advantage of it. What do you think that I might be missing before venturing into this endeavor?

After reading about and using it on another server, I am impressed very with this template engine, versus others available. Could it be integrated into Virtualmin? Here is the home page


Alright… does anyone here have any thoughts or experience with Smarty?

This is more like each site user decision IMO.
If you want to use smarty across different domains/site you can put it in a common folder and have all the code access it from this location.

Yeah, I have to agree with 59box. Smarty will often be needed in different versions for different applications and for different users. And upgrading it for all users without warning might be a problem, too.

It’s not huge…just let users who need it drop it into public_html/smarty, or wherever they want it.