SMART Drive Status

Webmin->Hardware->SMART Drive Status reports ‘Status of drive /dev/sda’ and ‘Status of drive /dev/sdb’ but these are just partitions across my RAID controller. And it is stating that the drive type is ‘AMCC 9650SE-4LP DISK’ (my 3Ware controller) and that it doesn’t support SMART. So I get no stats. If I query smartd directly I can see all four physical drives:
smartctl --all --device=3ware,0 /dev/twa0
smartctl --all --device=3ware,1 /dev/twa0
smartctl --all --device=3ware,2 /dev/twa0
smartctl --all --device=3ware,3 /dev/twa0

Sure would be nice to see the more critical bits of the above output inside Webmin.