Slow FTP Connection

Hi all,

The problem is that FTP connections are very slow although the SFTP ones are very fast!

I want to lock users to their home folders. If they use SFTP they can easily browse the whole server and I don’t want it. On the other hand, they can see only their own files via ftp, but very slowly (e.g. it takes 5-10 seconds to see the contents of a folder).

What can be the problem? What do you suggest?

Any help will be appreciated…


OK! I have just found the solution!

In the Webmin > Servers > ProFTPd Server > Networking Tools,
I change the value of "Do reverse DNS lookups of client addresses?" to "NO". Then, the ftp worked like a charm!


I’m glad you figured it out!

While that should improve performance, it surprised me that it’d do so as dramatically as it did for you.

I’d double-check that DNS is working properly on your server, perhaps by logging in over SSH and just running “dig” to make sure you get some output.

Also, regarding SCP/SFTP – you might want to look into the "scponly" shell:

You can use it to prevent SSH access while allowing secure file transfers – as well as chroot’ing users to their home directory.

Have a good one!