skeleton file permissions

I followed the general example here

and I have php+suexec working

BUT when I create a new virtual server suexec fails due to php5.fcgi get the following permissions
-rw-r–r-- 1 default default 123 Jun 30 03:19 php5.fcgi

Instead of
-r-xr-xr-x 1 default default 123 Jun 30 03:19 php5.fcgi

How can I get files in the skeleton directory to default to these permissions?


php5.fcgi is generated by VM and should not be in any /etc/skel

I am using the GPL version, I dont believe it is automatically generated in this version.

Any idea’s?


Hmmm…that is a stumper. I kind of assumed it would keep the permissions as they came across.

One solution would be a post-create command that corrects the permissions. That’s kind of a nuisance, though.

It might be worth considering the change in mode to be a bug. Since we’re already altering the ownership on copy, it probably makes sense to also deal with the mode.

Once again your level of support and responce is astounding.

Virtualmin is great for my needs,
with the permissions automated it would be perfect.

Where can I submit it as a possible bug?