SiteBuilder options


Are there sitebuilders that I can install to work with virtualmin?
I would like to include a good site builder to my virtual server created.

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Well, what are you looking for in a "sitebuilder"?

Also, are you using the GPL or Pro version of Virtualmin?

Hi Eric,

I am usind the GPL version but I already tested the demo version.
I am looking a tool with many resources to be possible a user to construct his own sie. I saw the tool used in the VPro but I did not like very much.



you might want to buy a thing like
but I guess packages like these are expensive.

the build in tools in VMPro haa many templates too. I dont see the difference in operations except per haps the interface/gui has less shiny colors than the commercial tools.
But the beauty is you can always make your own template

Hi Ronald,

Your recomendation is very good. I sent to then an email for a quotation but if you know about an GPL version please let me know.

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the only one i know of is amaya

but it comes only with 2 simple templates…

We’ve begun releasing template packs periodically for the built-in website builder. The next pack is due any day now.

We’d be interested to know what other capabilities would make the built-in editor more useful. It’s not a terribly popular feature, but I suspect that may be just lack of exposure (and a historic lack of templates…we only had about a half dozen until a couple of months ago, now there are 50+, and with 50 more coming).

An end user wants to point and click, however putting the templates into categories would be a great start. Business, Family, Party, Kids, Blog etc. It would be easier to find a suited template for specific sites.

It takes ages for the thumbs to load in the dropdown menu. Splitting them up would likely speed this process up.

Making the feature really user-friendly and adding a few glossy buttons might make it more popular.


One workaround I can see is to just run a “shell” cPanel server, let the client create their site there, then import it.

Anyone else got good ideas on this?