Site in default, root(home) folder?

I was thinking about running a Wordpress site in the root(home?) folder of webmin so when I go to log into the domain at there is actually a site at I believe the root is /var/www/html.

Is there a knowledgebase article about how to do this? I tried putting a simple index file in this folder to see how it worked, and now I cannot log into virtualmin/webmin anymore after about 24 hours. My attempts to login are refused and I need to reboot the VPS to get in.


Hmm, I’m not sure whether those two things are related or not.

Webmin/Virtualmin doesn’t use Apache, it provides it’s own internal web server. So files in /var/www/html wouldn’t affect it.

That said – my recommendation for adding a website would always be to create the website in the home folder that’s created by Virtualmin… so if you go into Virtualmin, and create a Virtual Server named, you’d end up with a folder /home/example/public_html.

You can then add your WordPress installation into /home/example/public_html.

At that point, if you browse to (or, you’d see your WordPress installation.

Now, as far as why you can’t log into Webmin/Virtualmin – what problems/errors are you getting when trying to log in?



Thanks for trying to help me. I’ve done a poor job of explaining what I need help with.

I understand how to use Virtualmin to setup virtual servers on my VPS. I have many up and running.

Here is what I want to do. Let’s assume the initial FQDN for my VPS is I set up DNS so presents the login to Virtualmin/Webmin. I would like to set up WordPress so there is a site at

Unless I don’t understand correctly, very possible, i thought the publichtml for is found in /var/www/html so this would be where you put the WP installation to accomplish what I want. Perhaps this folder serves no purpose and I should create another virtual server through webmin to achieve my goal?


So, Apache has two modes of operation: single-site and multi-site name-based virtual hosting (what Virtualmin uses and configures).

The two modes are mutually exclusive. Once you add a name-based virtual host, the single site mode goes away. The site in /var/www/html no longer makes any sense to Apache. It does not exist (it’s possible to make it exist, but I would recommend against it).

If you want to use Apache in single-site mode, don’t use Virtualmin. You don’t need it. Conversely, if you have many sites, don’t use /var/www/html. You don’t want the complexity and the potential security pitfalls.

Create a site within Virtualmin. It’ll get a home in /home/myserver. Put your WordPress install into public_html. Forget /var/www/html exists, at all. Be happy (and more secure and efficient, since Virtualmin sets up suexec and mod_fcgid for you).

This is great now I understand what the problem is, and I am learning too. I’ll remove the index file, forget about /var/www/html and try creating a virtual server for site at the access domian for Virtualmin.