Site displaying incorrect ssl status

OS type and version buntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1-1 Pro
Related packages Virtualmin

I have my site setup to automatically update ssl certs, theSSL Certificate tab show the following

but this shows on the dashboard


It doesn’t say anything about the SSL status, it mentions the domain registration.
And checking the whois gives you:

Registry Expiry Date: 2022-05-28T23:59:59Z

So according to this, yes the domain registration has expired.

so whats the problem, if I performed the ssl renewal from the server Configuration/letsencrypt tab it reports getting no errors but why is it not renewing

and the Last successful renewal says 5/29/2022 @ 5:17:29AM

I also noticed you were looking at when my domain expired which was today, so I did renew it

You domain registrar didn’t renew for example you should aske them i think or check if domain is still valid on that names registered.

the domain registration has expired.

But i im not sure how vmin is handling this or ssl , is that yellow text a link?

Huh? Virtualmin does not handle your domain registration, your registrar does.
Since you state that you went and renewed it (while according to whois it also states to be in autorenewperiod) then the “error” will go away at the next refresh.
It’s not an error per say, it’s just an informative message from Virtualmin saying that you should check your domain so it doesn’t expire.

While a domain is in autorenew or grace it still technically will point to the correct nameservers so this is why Let’s Encrypt still works.
Depending on the registrar (and registry) it might work for a few days to a few weeks after it has expired.

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