Site could not complete a loopback request

I have set up a WordPress site as a virtual sub-server on a Virtualmin box. Unfortunately the site health tool shows some problems that all seem to stem from “your site could not complete a loopback request”

The loopback request returned an unexpected http status code, 404, it was not possible to determine if this will prevent features from working as expected.

Any thoughts on how to tackle this?

From what I know, thats more a WP issue that a virtualmin issue.
If one of the checks is indeed a cron, then you should check if thats correctly set.

I’m sure it is, but so far the only response on the WP forum was “Ask your host why loopback is failing.”
It’s my own server (so I am the host) and I wanted to see if anything Virtualmin could be related. Unfortunately, this is not my forte.

The introduced that feature in 5.* I think.
What is why I said, you should check the cron jobs.
From what I read, those loopbacks are requests from WP to the server (or from the server to itself) and they trigger jobs.
From what I read, its either a firewall issue or the jobs cant properly be executed.
Meaning, you need to check the log files.

What you can make sure of, is to disable every other plugin /etc for the WP installation.
Try to remove the .htaccess file or remove every custom line added there.

404 is error that resources are not found means page not found, its not problem with virtualmin as he got at least 404 response from somewhere, i think problem is wrong setup somewhere something is possibly point to wrong direction.

maybe a dumb question, but what does the apache error log show ?


Maybe an even dumber question, how do you check the Apache error logs for a given site?

It depends on where your OS, but every OS got a log file folder.
Inside that folder, most of the times its called /logs, there should be sub folders for different programs like apache2 and etc…

In virtualmin there is a Logs and Reports menu option on left select Apache error log
Simplest way of viewing logs

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