Site/Admin quotas reset?

Operating system: CentOS
OS version: 8
Virtualmin: Latest

I’ve just noticed that sites and email are having issues.
On checking it seems that most (I suspect all) site and admin quotas have been reset to default 1gb
A quick audit doesnt show any other obvious problems and I dont immediately understand why its happened.

I wonder if anyone on here might have an opinion on a reason why its occurred?



Did you notice this issue after you upgraded to the newest versions of Usermin & webmin released a few days ago or the latest version of Virtualmin released about a month ago? I ask to understand if the quota reset might be related to a software update.

If not a Virtualmin related update, might you have upgraded storage or other hardware on the server which might have triggered the issue?

When was the last time you observed that quotas were as they should be and what are the changes that have occurred to your hardware and software since then?

Hi Calport,
thanks for reply
“just noticed” = this morning. Many servers had reverted to default 1gb quotas. I dont have an accurate numbe but all servers were on 1gb. For most thats fine. The reasons I noticed were because of emails bouncing and log issues etc on those that had gone way over.

No storage changes or hardware changes to the server.

My first suspicion was a virtualmin update, but I see no other reports here which perhaps makes that less likely.
Still wondering?


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