Site A displays content of my other site, Site B

I think I may have posted i the wrong forum a couple of days ago here: Apologies, second time lucky.


I have 2 domains managed by Webmin/Virtualmin.

Site A: and: Site B:

Site A shows the content of Site B. Site A also somehow has the LetsEncrypt certificate of Site B, and is displaying it’s content.

Site A has the correct root folder specified so it’s not that it’s pulling from Site B’s public_html folder

I’m not really sure when or how exactly this happened as it’s been a month or two I’ve been playing round with it, but any help appreciated.

Happy to post whatever screenshots or config files are needed.



You may be seeing this issue here, try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this link to see if that helps:

Thanks Andrey. This looks very promising, but I’m using nginx, not Apache. Do you know if there are similar instruction for nginx webservers?