Simpler directory structure?


I’m starting out with Virtualmin GPL and trying to get a hang of things, and generally really liking the system!

One thing however that I have a question about, is the default file structure for users.

I run a server where each users generally has 3-5 virtual servers, and just uses the web server and ftp. I don’t host any e-mail at all, and use an external DNS. It’s a simple apache web-server which basically hosts a lot of sites for clients, usually WordPress, Drupal etc.

When I create an account for a user, it automatically gives me this:










This is way to much for my users who are just logging in via FTP to upload their web files to the public_html directory.

Would it be possible at all to set up the virtualmin server so that I would get something like this for new users:










that would be much more understandable to the users, and move all the stuff that they can break out of the way.

I’m guessing there must be some way of achieving this? Maybe each user could have a www directory in their home folder with the above structure, and then you could somehow restrict access to just that, so that they never can see or access all the other directories?

Any thoughts? Any help is greatly appreciated as I would love being able to switch to Virtualmin.


It’s not possible to change the directory structure.

But, if you feel that’s too complex for your users – you could always create a special FTP user whose home directory is “public_html”.

Then, whenever that user logged in – they could immediately begin uploading files.

To do that – you can click Edit Users -> Add a website FTP access user.



The only problem with that is that a lot of users have a couple of subdomains to utilize the same login for all their domains, so they also need access to the ‘domains’ folder. Otherwise I would just lock their FTP accounts to the public_html folder by default.

Yeah, the only suggestion I could make there is that you could make one FTP login for each domain they have – and each of those FTP logins could be locked into the appropriate public_html folder.

However, that’s starting to be a lot of work to accomplish, and a lot of different usernames for each person to keep track of :slight_smile: