Simple setup.. driving me nuts...

So I am very familiar with MS hosting and never had any issues with this but having a hell of a time with this under Ubuntu/Virtualmin.

-Real Server at home. Server 2012 R2.
-Behind a NAT w/ Dynamic IP
-All ports forwarded correctly and working. No issues.
-Virtualmin/webmin running under Hyper-v - Ubuntu 14.04.01 is hosted on NAMECHEAP. IP is dynamically updated in the background outside my Hyper-v Virtualmin setup.
-All default/catchall records at point to my (auto-updated) dynamic IP. Using NAMECHEAPs nameservers.
-When installing Virtualmin I used–>| | as my quilified hostname.

Now the question…
I have NO interest in running BIND at home and creating a nameserver. All I need is to create a VS through virtualmin with a domain name like || and for virtualmin to catch all traffic coming in under |site1.****.us| and take it to its /public_html index.php page.

In the future I will add more. For example……… I may even add other .com’s… I would like to have a CATCHALL VS too that any traffic not defined by other VS’s domain names defaults too.

In Windows IIS this function is a no brainer but this is just not happening for me.

What is the basic setup I need in virtualmin to have the function as described above? All I want to do is click create new VS, enter in the new name and go. Having FTP access to each individual site is important too.

Anyone willing to quickly help??? This seems like such a simple thing but it’s kicking me in the pants…


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