Signing certificates with a created CA

Hi everyone,

first post, and i just have to say i love this software :). Works like a charm and so easy. I’m currently doing a lot of local lan testing with creating vservers and have one question. Is it possible to provide virtualmin with a self-created CAuthority certificate to sign the created certs with, because if you accept this CA in firefox/thunderbird etc. it won’t bug you anymore about security exceptions, no matter what is inside the cert…


Currently there is no way to do this in Virtualmin, sorry. The closest you could get is to request a CSR using the Manage SSL Certificate page, then sign that CSR yourself with your CA key, and resulting the updated cert and key into Virtualmin using that same page.

I’m sure the signing can be done using the openssl command, but don’t know the syntax off-hand.


thanks for your answer. Maybe it would be a feature for the future…

But 2nd question, how does it work with Pro ? If i buy a licence for ie 10 domains. I upgrade my current setup from gpl to pro. If i decide to reinstall everything do i have to buy a licence again ? Or what about a second server? Do i need to buy a licence for each server, or is it really like i can install as many virtualmin servers with pro as i like but can use only 10 domains with the pro services ?


You don’t need to purchase a new licence if you re-install - you can just use the installer for your licence, which you can download from

You do need a second licence for another server though.

Thanks for your answer. I found a addon for firefox called New MitM Me which will autoaccept the security exception, really handy :).