"show" password not showing up (edit mail/ftp user)

hi folks,

on Virtualmin’s “edit mail & ftp users” menu,
I used to be able to click a hyperlink for “show” password;
on one of my domains the "show " link is missing.

is there a tweak somewhere for this?


Could you make a screenshot of that?

hi Locutus …

here it is: the word “show” (in red circle) is a hyperlink - when you click on it, a small popup opens with username & password shown. Very nice for folks (like me) who have a zillion passwords to memorize and not much “memory” left, if you get the drift.

:smiley: Yeah, I know what the link looks like, or should look like… I use it regularly too. :slight_smile:

I rather meant a screenshot of what it looks like where the link is missing… I haven’t seen such an issue so far.

Hi guys,

I searched and found many threads about this issue but no solution.

I was on debian 5.0 Lenny 32bit. Don’t remember which virtualmin version exactly.
(installed nearly 2 years ago)

Hard disk drive broke in my server last week-end.
I replaced it and installed debian 6.0 squeeze 32bit.
I also installed latest virtualmin version 3.87 gpl.

I restored all my virtual servers from backup. (14)
For one domain, I lost the ability to show password for mail users. The “show password” link is missing.

If I change password from virtualmin, the “show password” link reappear.

Does somebody finaly found a solution ?
Is there a script I may run so that the “show password” feature comes back ?

Virtualmin is really a brilliant software.


Which version of Virtualmin was the backup you restored made on? Some very old versions didn’t include plain-text passwords in the backup, which are needed for the “show password” link to work … but recent versions (3.86 or later) should.

Hi Jamie,

Could I know the virtualmin version in the backup file !?
I would be able to tell you that way…

But like I wrote, only one domain on a total of 14 is affected by the “show password” missing link.


You could look at the version shown on the System Information page on the old system (if it is still accessible) ?

You could look at the version shown on the System Information page on the old system (if it is still accessible) ?

This is an old thread but I can’t see a more recent one.

Some of my sites don’t show the password link and others do. I can’t see any pattern but for each site it’s 100% reproducible.

I’m using Virtualmin 3.94, Webmin 1.590