Show database password button not showing

I don’t want to store passwords in plain format, so I have selected the hashed passwords option, so when a new user creates a database, a new password is generated automatically.

When I create a new database using root, I can go to Edit Databases > Passwords, and click the Show button besides the password field to see the new password created.

But when a client creates a new database, that Show button is not there, so they have no way to know what is the new password for their databases.

Is this a bug, or did I miss something in the Webmin/Virtualmin configuration/permissions?


Is everyone getting this behaviour, or do I have a problem with my configuration?

no one?

@jesucarr, I ran into a similar problem when I created a subdomain virtual server. Virtualmin automatically created a database, and I could see the database when I clicked on ‘Edit Databases’. However, the only tabs were ‘Databases’ and ‘Import Database’ - there was no ‘Passwords’ tab. It appears that all databases created under a domain share the same username/password as the primary domain password. This applies to databases automatically created by virtualmin or databases manually created using the virtualmin ‘Create a new database’ link on the ‘Edit Databases’ page.

Well, yes, thats it. Also make sure, that the client’s login has the approbiate rights…