Shouldn't I have aptitude on my system ?


I have started learning Bash commands so I can do more
stuff ( like this grep ) directly on my server through putty.

( about time !! )

One of the tutorials shows how to use lynx.

But I don’t have it so the tute said

just type: aptitude install lynx mplayer

and that should install both.

But I get: -bash: aptitude: command not found

Does this mean the tutorials are based on a different system
than what I have ( CentOS Linux 5.4 ) maybe its Debian ?

If so - what should I use to install lynx or is that not for my system ??

Sorry - bit confused !

Yeah, that tutorial seems to be assuming you’re using Ubuntu or Debian. If you have CentOS, the command to install stuff is different.

To install mplayer, you’d type:

yum install mplayer

As far as “lynx” goes… you may actually want to see if you already have the tool named “links” installed, which is quite similar, but seems to come on many CentOS systems by default.


Thanks - before I got your reply I typed yum install lynx

So I think it is installed now.

I hope that I didn’t have to be in any special directory to do that ???

Does yum put the downloaded packages in the right place ?

Thanks for your help - I am getting there :slight_smile:

OH - it didn’t like mplayer:

[root@heavyhoster log]# yum install mplayer
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

The directory doesn’t matter. Yes, it’ll put the files in the right place.

And if you get a “no package available” error, it means that particular tool isn’t part of your software repository, or it has a different name than what you typed.

Ubuntu/Debian have a larger package selection in their standard repositories, so it’s possible you found something in theirs that aren’t in the main CentOS repository.