Should I be afraid of system updates?

New to VirtualMin, so I have a few questions about system updates for the server hosting VirtualMin.

The server I am now responsible for is CentOS 6.4 with just stock and the VirtualMin repos. Unfortunately the server hasn’t been updated lately and currently yum check-update reveals about 400 packages that need updated.

Since I am running stock + VirtualMin repos, what are the chances this update will blow up in my face? How safe am I with updates since I don’t have third party repos loaded? Do I need to do the updates listed in VirtualMin first before doing system updates via yum?

What should a VirtualMin n00b know about system updates on a VirtualMin servers vs one with no control panel?

Thank you.

I am using Virtualmin for several years already and have never, ever, had a problem with any of the updates Virtualmin suggested. I would even go so far as saying that if you did not made some security updates in the past few months, you should seriously considder checking your logs and seeing if there is no unauthorised access and change your passwords.

But yeah, Updating is fine.


There are some thoughts on safe ways to handle updates in this post here, which someone brought up once CentOS 6.6 came out: