Should auto removing an old kernel trigger a restart

The scenario or what I am actually noticing.

The server is up to date. Then over time updates come through and get installed. When kernel updates come through and get installed Webmin requires a restart of the server. All up to this point can be repeated several times. Then apt-get Auto Remove is run which also requires a restart of the server.

Should apt-get Auto Remove require a restart if the server?

Is Webmin using any part of the old kernel?

Has the new kernel been applied correctly?

Should apt-get Auto Remove be run as soon as a new kernel is installed?

Where are you seeing Webmin require a restart? I’ve never seen that behavior. I didn’t even know Webmin could require a system restart, actually. Maybe it’ll advise a restart when the kernel is updated? I dunno. I need to see the exact message and specifically where you’re seeing it…I’d need to look up the code to understand what you’re seeing.

But, no. Webmin doesn’t directly use the kernel, at all.

And for your last question…auto remove is never required. You can run it, or not, as you see fit, whenever you see fit.

Hi Joe.

Thanks for your reply. I am seeing this message on Webmin> System Information>

It is the same message as when the kernel has been updated but for the last several months it has appeared after I run apt-get autoremove as well.

Warning! Recent package updates (such as a new kernel version) require a reboot to be fully applied.
Reboot Now

Hmmm…I wonder if Ilia added that to Authentic Theme (he loves stuff like that).

But, I would guess it is indicated you have a newer kernel installed than the one that is currently running. Or are you saying you are already running the latest kernel and Webmin is still telling you a reboot is needed to complete that update?

I’ll ask Ilia if this notification is coming from Authentic, and ask him to make it not say “Warning!” and instead just offer to reboot politely.

Hi Joe

I am already running the latest kernel then I run apt-get Auto Remove which removes an old kernel and the warning above pops up.

However the same warning also pops up after a new kernel and some other packages have been installed. Which is usual and expected.

Hi Guys
The issue dealt with in this thread has raised it ugly head again