Shared SSL for entire server?

I’m in the process of migrating an OLD Ensim server to VirtualMin and have come across a snag. My OLD Ensim server allowed me to have just one SSL “” and all domains on that server would access the SSL via “”. All domains are created under /home/domain. My question is, does VirtualMin support a setup like this? Would love to have just one shared SSL for the entire server.


Hi Scott,

Unfortunately, that’s not a feature supported by Virtualmin… though, at least in part because it’s considered a security concern.

That is, the idea with SSL certificates is to match the certificate with the domain handling the transactions. Security would be lost by offering shared SSL in that manner – especially with SSL certificates being as cheap as $20 a year.

That said, if you still wish to go that route, you could always file a feature request using the Support link above. Explain that you know the risks, and see what they have to say :slight_smile: